Scrone Cruise


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released 18 November 2011


This can't be right. I remember there being more potholes on this road. Yesterday? Last Tuesday? Blind spot... blind spot... If there's something really there I can't see it. I gotta tweak these mirrors. Rearview. Rear...view. Rearview blind spot? that doesn't make sense. The sun is so bright today. Sun spot. Rear view sun spot. New Mountain Dew Rear View Sun Spot. Bright Yellow. Brighter than regular Mountain Dew. Obviously. I like where you're going with this... Wait... Who am I talking to? It's just me here. Did I say that out loud? Or just think it... So many trees. How old are these things? And the understory is amazing. some of these ferns look prehistoric. What does that even mean? "Prehistoric?" If it's pre history, than how do we even know about it? Come to think of it, how do we really know anything? Wait a second. What if I'm not really here? What if this isn't happening? What...? Where are all the potholes? I remember there being more potholes on this road... <----------Music Video <------- More NYKDLN





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